Aegis Archaeology Reports 1

Aegis Archaeology Reports 1
Excavation of a Medieval Ringwork at Ballysimon County Limerick

Published 2001 ISBN 0-9541765-0-2
Quattro, soft back, 52 pages, 9 black and white figures, 2 black and white plates

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This is the first in-house publication by ÆGIS, which details the excavation of a ringwork in advance of a national roadway project, in county Limerick. It is the first complete ringwork to be excavated in Ireland. It provides a brief background for the monument type (chapter 1), details the excavation (chapter 2), sets the monument in its proper context (chapters 3 and 4) and catalogues the artefacts recovered (chapter 5). A bibliography is provided. The writers are both professional archaeologists with ÆGIS.

Summary of book

Aegis Archaeology Reports 1 is the first of a series of results of excavations or other investigations carried out by the company. Entitled Excavation of a Medieval Ringwork at Ballysimon County Limerick (pb €10) and written by Aegis staff Tracy Collins and Anthony Cummins, the report sets out the findings of the excavation, which took place in advance of road construction. Anglo-Norman Ringworks in Ireland are difficult to distinguish from the ubiquitous Irish Ringfort. This excavation provided the opportunity to investigate not only the ringwork but its immediate environs. The historical and archaeological background is provided by way of introduction. The archaeological evidence of the interior and exterior of the ringwork is presented in written and graphic format, including a feature interpreted as a corn-drying kiln, associated with a circular barn structure.